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Daily Doses of Inspiration – Volume 1

This book is for those who are on the spiritual path and learning to step into their own power and sovereignty. This book will inspire and motivate you.

Truths are shared and reflection may be required, but know that you are not alone. The seekers choose to walk this path to expand our consciousness and energetic vibration for a better living experience on this beautiful planet we call Earth. 

About The Author

Acacia Lawson

Acacia is an author and mentor originally from Kansas, USA. After a successful 11 year career in NYC, she heeded the call of her higher self to embrace her gifts and make drastic changes.


While traveling, building up businesses and living abroad, Acacia focused on her inner Divine Union and through that work, she met her husband.


She currently assists New Earth leaders in writing,

editing and publishing their books for newly awakened souls on the spiritual path and spearheads ‘The Book Finishers’ online groups.

Acacia also guides women into their inner Divine Union and aligning to their physical King.

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Acacia has private options for 1:1 Book Finishing, Book Editing and Self-Publishing. She also has book writing groups that run throughout the year (The Book Finishers, Write to Release…).

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